If you want to be happy at work – deselect yourself.

The best decision many job seekers make is often the one not to apply for a vacancy

One of the worst things that can happen to you is being in a job that you dislike. No matter how many hours you work if your jobs makes you miserable then even one hour is one hour too long.

So why put up with it? And more importantly when you jump ship how do you prevent yourself from jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. 

Look Beyond the Offer

The answer is simple, no matter how desperate you are to get a job, you have to look beyond the euphoria of getting the job offer and ask: is this job right for me?

Recruiters spend a lot of time making sure that they select the right applicant to make a job offer to. They look for people who are not just qualified for the job, they also have to share the companys’ cultural values and have a work ethic that matches the business.

Review Everything About the Job

This involves a thoughtful review that not many candidates undertake when reviewing a job offer, or even whether they should apply in the first place.

It is worth remembering that people are offered jobs because of their skills and knowledge and most often leave a job, regardless of whether that departure is voluntary or not because of they don’t fit in.