The Sweet Scent of Interview Success

We look at the impact wearing the right amount of the right perfume could have on your performance in a job interview, regardless of your gender.

That Special Feeling

Perfumes regardless of whether they are for men or women, make us feel special, more confident, ready for the big night out.

But according to a group of Japanese psychologists wearing perfume also makes you appear more confident in a stressful situation like a job interview.

Research identifying confidence enhancing powers

Their research put thirty-one young women all dressed identically through a mock job interview.

Half way through the interview they sprayed the wrist of half of them with a perfume.

They then showed video clips of the interviews to 18 other students who did not know about the perfume.

The women who had been sprayed with the perfume were assessed as showing fewer nervous movements like shifting in their seat, or touching their face or hair.

Not only did the perfume users appear more confident they reported feeling more relaxed and assertive whilst wearing the perfume.

The messages scent gives

Antony Rodgers of ID Aromatics in Leeds advises job hunters to think about the message they want to communicate when considering fragrances for interviews.

Fragrances are not universally suitable. There isn’t one that works for everyone in every situation.

Each person is different. It is worth taking the time to find the right fragrance for you.

Aim for something that makes you feel clean and fresh, and then use it subtly.


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