What is your X-Factor?

Employers want something more from candidates than just skills and knowledge. Candidates need a certain X Factor nowadays

The Something eXtra

Perhaps it is the long-term success of the ITV talent show that has got recruiters of all kinds starting to think about what a candidate’s X-factor might be.

Complexity of work

As business becomes increasing more complicated, and jobs require more complex interpersonal and technical skills employers are less likely to be interested in candidates who simply turn up on time and do the job as defined in the job description.

Candidates stand out from the crowd

Employers are increasingly looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd, people with that x-factor, and it is something that HR professionals and recruiters are trying to learn how to identify.

Crucial role for HR professionals

Albert Ellis the chief executive at Harvey Nash, has described this as an essential part of the HR managers’ role and a crucial part of winning the war for talent.

Candidate challenge

The issue for candidates is trying to work out what their personal X-factor is and then deciding how to explain it to a prospective employer.

Identify Your X-Factor

If only it were as easy as demonstrating a musical talent like auditioning for the ITV television series.

Instead you have find ways of preparing answers to questions you cannot predict that allow you to tell stories that show you have not just the skills, knowledge and attitudes that the company is looking for, but also that something extra – that X-factor


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