Plan Your Career Around Your Life

We explain how, if you want to achieve a good work life balance; you have to put life first

Career v life

When it comes to work life balance, many people start with their career and then attempt to fit the life they want around that.

It is an approach that is doomed.

If you really want to enjoy your work

​If you really want to enjoy your work, the place to start is by deciding how you want to live and then finding a career that enables you to fulfill that way of life.

It all starts with a good long think.

​Imagine an advertisement for your own job.

Knowing what you know now, would you apply?

Regardless of whether the answer is yes, or no, you must justify it.

Decide Where You Want to Work

Yorkshire is attractive for professionals looking to fulfill both career and lifestyle aspirations.

Rapid economic growth attracts a growing number of blue-chip employers, and the environment offers an outdoor lifestyle unobtainable in many areas of the UK.

Different approach to career management

But change is never easy and breaking with the conventional approach to career development, which involves ever more senior positions, means having to accept that other people will be better off financially.

Work at achieving the lifestyle you want

Making the change is easy. The difficult part is working out what it is you want from life and identifying how you will achieve it.

Once you have done that everything will fall into place.

Put life first

Start by taking a look at your life and deciding what you want to be doing in five years, then decide what type of job is going to be compatible with that.

There is no point in taking on an international role that involves lots of travelling, if you have decided that you want to play an active role in your community.

It just won’t fit, but you will be surprised how many people think they can make it work.

Career management

Career management is about knowing what you want out of life before you can start to achieve it.

It’s like you have to have a dream to have a dream come true. Success doesn’t happen by accident.

You have to decide what you want, work out what is necessary to achieve it and then go for it.

You don’t have to be obsessive about it, or measure your own success by anybody’s measurements but your own.


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